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A Few Tips
While it may be uncomfortable to lie on the massage table with a full stomach, you also don’t want to arrive at your appointment hungry. Try to eat a small snack 30 minutes or so before your treatment time. Some people find that they are light headed or dizzy when getting off the table and an empty stomach can increase the chances of this happening.

It’s always a good idea to drink water after your treatment. This will help to flush out toxins which can be released when tissues that have been restricted for a long time are loosened. You also might find that your muscles feel tender after the massage if a lot of deep tissue work has been performed. This is because there is a lot of circulation returning to the area creating a small amount of inflammation. Putting an ice pack on the area for 10 or 15 minutes a few hours after the treatment usually helps to decrease this discomfort. The tenderness should be gone by the second day after your appointment and will decrease with subsequent treatments.


•Promotes sleep
•Reflexly stimulates the intestines
•Draws blood from other areas

•insomnia/ erratic sleeping patterns
•digestive disorders

•coldness, chills
•Urinary tract infections

•administer technique within 20 min of waking in the morning
•Wet a cloth with cold tap water and wring out
•Quickly rub cloth in a circular motion over the abdomen in a clockwise direction ( up your right side, across bottom of ribcage,  down your left side, and across) 20 times
•Rinse cloth and repeat 4 or 5 more times
•The entire process should only take a minute or so

Some things you can do at home to help

•increase circulation  / nutrition to the skin
•stimulate the immune system
•removes dead skin cells, clearing the way for pores to absorb moisturiser effectively
•softens rough skin
•helps  wake you up in the morning

•open wounds
•recently shaven skin
•cutaneous hypersensitivity
•caution around boney areas

•moisten approx. ½ cup of Epsom salts in a bowl using warm water (may add a g=few drops of essential oils if desired) Mixture should resemble the consistancy of packing snow
•standing in a shower or tub is recommended
•scoop some mixture into hands and scrub
•always start at the far end of your extremities and move towards the heart
•shower off
•avoid doing this treatment late in the day = stimulation may cause difficulties sleeping
•on the abdomen pressure is clockwise - up on your right side, across, down the left, and across
•The high magnesium content promotes the release of lactic acid from the muscles
•The heat of the water increases the blood flow to the skin, resulting in increased waste removal
•An increase in metabolism and sweating helps increase elimination and detoxification

•Sluggish circulation
•Muscle aches and pains
•After deep muscle work
•Detoxing - colds, illness

•Water temperature is 39 - 44 degrees
•Add 2- 4 cups of Epsom salts to the water
•Soak for 10 -20 min
•Drink plenty of water
•Pay attention to heart rate and pulse - if feeling unwell, stop treatment
•Always drain tub before getting out
•May want to keep a cool clothe on forehead as your soak
•Post treatment, bed rest for 30 min is ideal
•Chronic Tendonitis / tenosynovitis
•Chronic muscle pain
•Increase milk flow for lactating mothers

Apply some castor oil to a piece of cotton flannel that is the appropriate size for the area being treated. Place that directly on skin and cover with saran wrap. Support with tensor bandage and sleep in it over night
Definition ¬- the use of a dry natural fiber brush to massage the body in a specific pattern
This is a friction - like treatment that is done with brisk, circular, long movements with slightly more pressure towards the heart. It is stimulating and therefore is best done in the morning. If done in the evening it may hinder sleep.

•Very stimulating
•Reflexly stimulates organs through sensory input from the dermatomes (skin nerves)
•Expholiates the body
•Regenerates, tones, and softens the skin
•Improves circulation
•Stimulates immune system
•Temporarily  increases blood pressure

•Wake you up in the morning
•Improve rough or dry skin
•Blood pressure problems - with repeated use it can help balance blood pressure
•Mild depression
•Poor circulation
•Helps skin sweat more effectively

•Skin conditions- acne, open wounds, freshly shaven skin
•Insomnia, hyperactivity, acute neurological conditions

•direct pressure towards the heart
•treatment should take 5 minutes maximum
•if brushing feels harsh, follow brush stroke with a flat handed stroke
•Sub-acute conditions
•Chronic muscle spasm
•Tight fascia

•Causes blood vessels to open and close, creating a pumping action that flushes away sedentary or slow moving fluid, and allows fresh blood supply in. This fresh blood is rich in the nutrients the body needs for healing and maintenance.
•Decreases pain

•Choose a moist temperature source (eg buckets of water or wet towels) depending on what works best for the area being treated
•Prepare the two temperature sources with as much of a temperature difference as possible (the more extreme the more effective the treatment is)
•Apply temperature source to the body beginning with the hot for 1-2 minutes
•Remove heat and quickly apply the cold temperature source for 10 - 30 seconds
•Repeat this hot and cold applications 3-5 times, always ending with the cold
our bloodstream is what carries the nutrients from our diet to the body where it is needed.

•BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM specialized white blood cells live just under the skin in the lymph vessels. These cells have 10 x’s the ability to destroy bacteria and other toxins as the systemic white blood cell. 2)increasing the speed of migration of the systemic WBC through out the body

stimulates cells to accomplish their tasks

•ENCOURAGES ELIMINATION  of waste products  via sweat

causes a temporary analgesic effect


•ENDORPHAN RELEASE endorphins are your body’s natural opiates (drugs) and they bind to the same receptor sites on your cells as narcotic drugs causing a similar (and safe) “happy” feeling

“rest and digest”
•Sore throat
•Menstrual cramping

•Wet an appropriately sized towel with COLD water, wring out well and apply compress quickly to the body. Then cover completely with a warm dry towel. This makes the body work to warm up the cold area. The body will always pull blood from the most congested area and move it to the location of the cold compress. Therefore remember to place the compress in a location that will bring blood closer to the heart and away from area of pain.
•With an acute condition, replace compress every 15 min. With a chronic condtition, replace compress every hour or so.

•Relieves deep congestion
•Relaxes muscles
•Relieves pain
•Encourages red and white blood cell activity